Which toploaded washing machine to choose in 2019 Find out now

Efficiency class – does it matter?
There are two costs involved in using a washing machine – the first is to buy a top-loaded washing machine yourself. The second cost is of course the operation – the total water consumption, electricity consumption can generate even thousands of dollars per year.
Therefore, it is worth considering a purchase with a high energy efficiency class. This class means energy consumption during one washing programme. The best class is of course A, the worst class G. It should be noted that in the case of washing machines we can find information not only about the energy efficiency class but also about the spinning class – which has a big influence on how our clothes will look like when taken out of the washing machine.
On the washing machine you will also find information about the washing efficiency class. All of this is really a lot and when choosing a washing machine let’s be guided by one that has as many parameters as possible in class A. The best solution is to choose a washing machine with A, A+, A++, A++, A+++ labels. These are extremely economical washing machines and will allow you to save a lot of money on a yearly basis.
How to choose the best top-loaded washing machine?
Analyzing the market we can see how many companies offer top-loaded washing machines. Manufacturers are offering newer and newer solutions to attract our attention.
However, it is worth stopping for a moment and think about what makes a given machine worth its price. We have already discussed efficiency and spinning classes, but that’s not all. In the case of the first let’s check the basic parameters such as capacity or control.
The capacity of top-loaded washing machines starts from 4 kg to even 7 kg. Optimal load capacity is about 6 kg, which allows for effective operation of the washing machine while maintaining a short cycle of washing. Washing machines with higher payloads can significantly differ in price, so it is worth to analyze our situation and choose an offer adequate to our needs. Control in the case of washing machines is not too troublesome for most people.
However, elderly, disabled or blind people may have a problem. Therefore, it is worth checking whether the washing machine offers a clear, simple control panel or a special cover for the blind.
Safety and noise
Washing machines are seemingly simple and easy to use. You should know, however, that behind every technology there is a more or less safe mechanism. In the case of washing machines, flooding of the apartment, damage to clothes and skin problems caused by improper washing process may occur.
With basic security systems, make sure that the washing machine has a lock before opening, such a lock is extremely important if there are children in the apartment. It is important for the washing machine to have a system informing us about various defects or problems related to individual elements of the machine.
Top-loaded washing machines can generate more noise than standard frontloaded washing machines. These devices, due to the fact that they are usually not built in, can emit much more noise than their competitors.
These washing machines generate from 50 dB to even 55 dB during washing, while the situation deteriorates significantly during centrifugation because it can reach up to 80 dB. So let’s look for a washing machine that generates as little noise as possible.
Top-loaded washing machines reviews
Opinions are a very often discussed topic. It does not happen without a reason, washing machines loaded from above have a wide range of customers thanks to their compact dimensions. Through our ranking you know which washing machines are worth your attention. However, it is worth knowing what to pay attention to when browsing the washing machines on your own.
Opinions can tell us a lot about the model, but you need to know where to look for them. The best source of opinions are price comparison services – these are services with the help of which in a few moments we will check the prices in various online stores.
In addition, these pages contain a tab of reviews where users give their opinions. It is worth checking whether the model we are interested in has been rated. When checking, focus primarily on negative opinions, because the disadvantages can be the biggest problem.
Let’s focus our attention on comments after a longer use, with a verified purchase. This will increase the credibility and allow us to estimate the lifetime of the washing machine.
All devices are covered by the warranty, but it is important to check the period and nature of the warranty. The warranty for top-loading machines is usually 24 months, but some machines may be covered by up to 48 months warranty.
Washing machines can weigh 40-80 kg. It is therefore a good idea to provide a door-to-door warranty. Such a guarantee ensures that repair, service and return is fully provided by the manufacturer. It is the best type of warranty so let’s look for it in the seller’s offer.
It is worthwhile to see if the manufacturer offers the extension of the basic warranty to the door to door. In addition, you can be tempted to extend the warranty and insurance it against mechanical damage, that is, damage that we could cause. Unfortunately, such a service is not cheap, if they are