What Water Vacuum Cleaner Our Feedback and Ranking 2019

Vacuum cleaner with water filter – advantages and disadvantages
Water vacuum cleaners are interesting devices, which are used not only for vacuuming, but also for washing or washing floors. These are very universal appliances and this is the main reason why you reach for them. To the advantages of these devices can also be added their relative cheap operation. There is no need to buy bags, and filters do not need to be replaced frequently. Usually, water and cleaning are enough to be able to use the device for many years. It is also much more hygienic cleaning, because water retains contaminants much better than bags and does not blow dust, as is the case with conventional vacuum cleaners.
However, water vacuum cleaners are also disadvantages. The most important of these is the need to clean the vacuum cleaner after each use. Just put the bag models back in place and their water filter counterparts need regular cleaning and drying. Equally troublesome is the weight of these devices and their size, which makes vacuuming the entire large house can be a really hard work. Not without significance is also the price of a water vacuum cleaner – much higher than bag models.
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