What does a good drawer have?

A drawer is a very important piece of furniture found in every room. It is usually constructed of wooden walls protecting the inside of the drawer from damage from the outside. It is this kind of enclosure that is supposed to protect the items inside the drawer and make them remain safe for a long time. However, a drawer would not be a functional device on its own. It needs a furniture slide that allows the drawer to move from the inside and to the inside of the built-in unit in which it is placed. However, slides differ in their characteristics. Among the most interesting are bottom-mount slides.

Bottom mounted system

Generally slides are characterised by the fact that when the drawer is pulled out they stick out from the sides making themselves visible to the whole surroundings. These are very functional but not the most beautiful of items. If the runners and drawers become part of the overall design of a room, they can spoil the whole effect. Often people will try to match the finer stylistic details of their rooms with each other – but those protruding slides can make all that work go to waste, and drawers need to work. To prevent this, we can use special bottom-mounted runners that sit below the bottom of the drawer. This way they can perform their function without being noticed by other people in the room. This will ensure that the desired harmony is maintained, which is what those who maintain order in a given room strive for.


It is also worth paying attention to other mechanisms which additionally facilitate the use of drawers. This may be the self-closing option, which is extremely convenient. Thanks to this system you do not have to close the drawers with care and sensitivity in a perfect way. All you have to do is gently push the drawer surfaces and the mechanism will do the rest and close the drawer successfully on its own. A very convenient feature available on Furnica’s slides, which will further reduce the noise that could be caused by an inaccurate drawer closure.


If someone is keen for their room to look perfect then it’s worth leaning towards fitting bottom furniture slides to their drawers. Furnica strives to ensure that the materials they use are of the highest quality and grade available on the market, so using their slides is an investment for the very long term.