Supplements – necessary or not?

Nowadays, more and more people are interested in healthy eating, training and being fit. What does it consist of?

The basis of a healthy lifestyle is of course a healthy diet. A properly balanced diet provides all macro nutrients, vitamins and minerals in appropriate quantities. It happens, however, that it is difficult to cover the total demand only from so-called conventional food. Then supplements for athletes come in handy.

Such supplements include, for example, vitamin and mineral complexes or all kinds of nutrients, such as protein or protein-carbohydrate supplements. As the name suggests, supplements are intended to supplement a diet with an ingredient that is deficient in the diet and are therefore an addition and not a basis of nutrition. Moreover, despite the misleading name, there is no need for sport at all in order to benefit from the advantages of such supplements. Protein supplements as well as vitamins and minerals can also be taken in by people who do not exercise strength or endurance training.

However, it is assumed that these products are mainly intended for athletes, as they usually have an increased demand for particular ingredients compared to non-trained people.

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There are, however, some supplements that are aimed at sportsmen and women. Products such as creatine, caffeine in tablets or branched chain amino acids will not have any negative effects on those who take them. These are more specialised substances, the intake of which is intended to achieve specific results in particular areas of sport, such as increasing endurance, improving strength or reducing muscle catabolism.

However, for amateurs who are just beginning their adventure with sport, an adequate diet and movement is recommended as an absolute basis. Supplements should be implemented over time, according to demand. There is no need to take a substance just because it is advertised.