Supplements for athletes – Various vitamins

People who exercise regularly, for example, for strength, are increasingly using supplements for athletes. These supplements have different effects and can be supplied to the body in different forms. Among products from this category we can find many items on shop shelves and on websites. One of the most popular is certainly protein, which in their diet include people trying to build strength and muscle mass.


A popular supplement is also keratin, which occurs naturally in our muscles, and after binding to phosphorus it is a good source of energy, just as protein promotes muscle building. Creatine is mainly used in strength sports. Alkalising agents also take their place in a wide range of offers, and these are designed to help us keep the pH of our blood low during sports. Caffeine is also popular to improve our performance related to exercise. It is used by people practicing practically every sport. Beetroot juice can also be used in this way to dilate our blood vessels and have a positive effect on muscle performance. Ostarine, or enobosarm, is used by athletes because its action should have similar effects to anabolic steroids, i.e. it is supposed to support our training and physical endurance. SARMs, which include, for example, Ostrain, were banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency in January 2008.

Various vitamins are also worth taking as supplements. However, food products in the form of supplements of various kinds should be used in moderation and with your head because, although they offer us a lot of help during sport, they also have a lot of side effects that can negatively affect our health.