How to choose the right furniture guides?

Drawers are a very good solution for people who want to make the most of the space in their home. I don’t think any of us can imagine a kitchen without drawers full of dishes. One of the most important elements which determine the comfortable use of drawers are furniture slides. In order to choose the right one for us, we have to answer a few important questions beforehand, because the slides must be well chosen for their task.

How to choose the strength of drawer slides?

It all depends on what load the drawer will have, i.e. what we will store in it. Drawers full of heavy dishes require extremely durable runners. Otherwise they may not work smoothly, bend or even crack. The load capacity of the runners is always indicated on the packaging. It is worth remembering to predict what we will store in the drawers. Damaged slides need replacing, which is very problematic.

Degree of slides’ advancement

If the drawer is shallow, we can afford drawer slides that are half pulled out. However, if the depth of the drawer is considerable, then we can choose a longer extension. However, it should be remembered that a heavily loaded extension slide is more susceptible to damage. High extension slides are usually ball-bearing slides, a little information about which can be found below.

Types of drawer runners

In general, we distinguish between two basic types. The first one is the roller guides. Their prices are low and the assembly is very simple due to the simple construction. Unfortunately, their main disadvantage is their low strength and inferior smoothness. The second one is ball-bearing slides. They are more complicated and more expensive, but definitely more durable. They are also characterized by higher smoothness of work. These types of slides will work better in large, heavily loaded drawers, e.g. in the previously mentioned kitchen drawers.

Other functions of the slides

A very interesting and useful function that is worth having in your drawers is cushioned closing. In this way we avoid cracking and shaking inside. The second possibility worthy of interest is the so-called push to open function. The second possibility worthy of interest is the so-called push to open function, which means that in order to open a drawer you just have to press it as if you wanted to close it and it will open by itself.

Choosing drawer runners is therefore a very important task that affects our comfort. It is not worth saving on them because a high quality runner will perform its task invariably for a very long time without requiring any intervention.