Furniture castors: a practical and fashionable addition to loft-style furniture

Loft style is one of the most popular interior design styles today. It attracts attention with its industrial dimension, which gives it a raw but elegant dimension. A great addition to this type of decoration can be furniture on wheels. You can make it yourself!

Furniture castors – a fashionable addition in loft style

Living rooms, bedrooms and lounge-style lounges use materials such as wood, brick or metal. Thanks to this eclectic combination they can imitate the old interiors of old manufactories, where the first lofts were made.

One of the details that perfectly matches this decoration is furniture on wheels: tables, barges, trolleys, boxes or shelves. Furniture castors not only make it more comfortable to use, but also give the interiors an industrial look.

Independent construction of industrial furniture

Furniture in loft style can be bought as ready, but you can also make it yourself or renovate your old furniture. The self-constructed pallet tables or shelves can not only be tailored to your taste, but are also unique.

Such furniture is most often made of solid, solid wood with visible grain, which can also be aged, as well as metal elements such as profiles, usually in black or grey. In order to give the furniture the industrial rawness characteristic of lofts, it is worth complementing it with furniture rings to emphasize its style.

Which loft-style furniture caster should I choose?

Metal furniture caster wheels with an industrial look are best suited to industrial style. They are manufactured using high quality galvanised and powder-coated steel to protect against corrosion. Cast iron casters are also available. These casters are based on those that were once seen in industrial equipment, for example in mine trolleys.

Very popular are large furniture casters – with a larger fi, i.e. diameter, for example about 8-13 cm. The best purchase will be models with spokes or decorative circular cut-outs. To match the interior, they should be black or steel.

Fixed casters are most often chosen, i.e. without swivel function. They allow the furniture to be moved in two directions. You can also order swivel castors which rotate in any direction.

Where to buy metal furniture castors?

Industrial furniture castors can be bought in many shops. The widest selection of stylised models can be found in online shops selling furniture accessories.