Durability and robustness above all else

Drawers are furniture elements found in every home. They provide safe storage for all sorts of important items. Every person wants these items to be stored safely, so they place them in strong drawers. Wooden drawers come to everyone’s mind, but recently on the market appeared their metal counterparts called metalbox drawers. They have an interesting construction, behind which stand their characteristic features which encourage customers to buy them.

Metalbox-type drawers – more space and protection

Every classic wooden drawer is built of a wooden casing on which there is a runner ensuring free and smooth movement of the drawer. The sides of the drawer are often thick and the extra space to accommodate the slide can take up a chunk of space inside the drawer. With metalbox drawers this is not the case – the sides are made of thin metal that is also extremely robust. Already in it there are roller type slides thanks to which the movement of the drawer is ensured at the same time. The additional space can be used for other items so that the capacity of the drawer increases. However, do not overdo it as metalboxes are not ball bearing slides – their load capacity is not very big and oscillates around 25 kilograms. However, durable metal provides good protection against damage so it is a good choice for storing delicate materials inside a drawer. However, it also has its drawbacks – these include the noisiness of such a construction. A metalbox-type drawer, unfortunately, always listens during its pulling out and inserting, which may be annoying for some people. In addition, such a construction limits the installation of functional novelties such as silent closing. Because of this, you have to be careful when sliding the drawer to the end of the housing, so as not to hit it. Such an impact could damage the delicate materials that the drawer stores. On the other hand, these are fairly inexpensive outlets and easy to install, so the profit and loss calculus sort of balances out.


Metalbox drawers – in one sentence are a large amount of space, resistance to damage, favourable price and easy assembly, but also noise and a greater lack of functional convenience. If a person does not mind these small disadvantages, and will be able to live with them then he will definitely be satisfied with the use of his metalbox drawer.