Drawer runner – well-cut drawer rails

A drawer could not function well on its own. It is necessary to install a high-quality furniture slide, adapted in construction and function to the given drawer. This will ensure that using the drawer is not a daily hassle, but a daily pleasure. But to choose the right slide you need to think about what you want to store in the drawer in the future. If it’s going to be heavy and bulky items, it’s a good idea to use a ball-bearing slide that’s designed to work in those conditions.

Ball bearing slides – the definition of strength and durability

When the decision has been made that a drawer is going to hold heavy items or lots of bulky paper then there is only one way out – the installation of a ball bearing slide. It is made of very strong materials – there is no question of using plastics like plastic here. It is made of metal with the addition of aluminium so that in all conditions, even in high temperature conditions, it behaves perfectly and works faultlessly. It has a special ball hidden in the inner part of the casing, which can be heard when moving the drawer. This is a much stronger model than roller slides – they are constructed of plastic, so their load rating is much lower than ball bearing slides. They won’t lift as much material on their shoulders, which is why they are chosen for drawers with lower loads – such as those in bedroom units.

As well as strength and durability, ball bearing slides also boast a number of features that are not to be overlooked. One is push to open – pressure on the drawer surface triggers the slide mechanism to open the drawer towards you without the use of any handles or grips. This is very convenient when you want to put items in the drawer that are in both hands.
Silent closing is another good mechanism that has delighted the hearts of many household members. Thanks to it, they can forget about the sound of shooting drawers closing with too much momentum. Before the end of the drawer’s journey, it will not hit the back of the drawer, but will be braked by the slide and closed very carefully.


Ball bearing furniture slides are a great choice for literally the heavier drawer jobs. They may not be the easiest to install but if they are well mounted they will perform well for a long time.