Different types of dietary supplements

At this point, there are so many dietary supplements on the market that it is difficult for even experts to sift through them all to determine which one would work best. In order to organize a bit of information on the subject, a practical division of supplements by their composition and purpose is used. This division should be familiar to anyone who wants their diet to be supported by any capsules, tablets or powders. The people who are physically active will of course find sports supplements useful, but even they are divided into several specific categories.

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In dietary supplements the most important thing is of course their composition. Depending on it, each supplement will have a completely different effect. Dietary supplements usually contain vitamins and minerals, but also probiotics (natural and synthetic), fatty acids, amino acids (components of proteins), dietary fiber, and specific compounds that affect fat burning or muscle mass building (e.g. creatine or BCAAs). The composition should always be checked and analyzed. If you have any doubts as to whether it is consistent with the true content of the preparation, it is better to resign from the purchase and look for something that inspires greater confidence.


In turn, supplements for athletes are classified into different groups mainly on the basis of their purpose, resulting from the composition. In this case we can list products designed to speed up fat burning and the whole fat loss process, those suppressing appetite and reducing cravings for sweets, vitamin complexes supporting regeneration or preparations designed for faster muscle building. The choice is enormous, because also the expectations of customers are very different. And a good manufacturer tries to meet the expectations of all people. The largest companies have in their offers a whole bunch of different dietary supplements, each of which can in a different way support the body and help it in something.