What to keep in mind when buying employee insurance

Employee insurance is an increasingly popular form of protection chosen by employers. Especially large companies offer their subordinates the possibility to join additional insurance on preferential terms. Group insurance It’s a special kind of offer from insurance companies. Its main entities and partners are either large companies employing many employees Continue Reading

Trivia about Sudan

Sudan curiosities – find out what it is famous for, why an international warrant was issued for President Umar al-Bashir and what threatens criminals in Sudan. (1) Sudan has existed as an independent state since 1 January 1956. On that day, the influence of Egypt and the United Kingdom ended. Continue Reading

Uganda trivia

From 1971 to 1979, he was head of state and, literally speaking, the dictator was Idi Amin. While he was in power, the crowds cheered in his honour. During his reign, tens of thousands of Ugandans were murdered. His desire was to take over Scottish troops and defeat England. At Continue Reading